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Game of the week trophy

Each week, we will choose one of the most anticipated High School Football Games to battle it out on the field to be named Game of the Week Champion. The Champion will earn the right to proudly display the 2 1/2 foot tall, 50lb trophy at their school for the week for all of their peers to enjoy, as well as to show school pride for their accomplishment. Their name will be engraved on the trophy for future Champions to see the teams that came before them.
Along with the battle to become the Champion, we have decided to use this opportunity to sponsor a worthy charity and give back to our communities. Each week a charity will be chosen that we will promote along with the game of the week. Students will have the opportunity to participate in supporting the named charity through events at their school. We hope to use everyone’s favorite fall sport to help our community grow closer together and work as a team to help those in need.